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Remodel Without Replacement

Kitchen and Bathroom Makeover's are our Specialty!!! We Repair and Refinish Countertops, Tile, Laminate, Bathtubs, Showers, Sinks, Cultured Marble, Hardwood Floors, Cabinets, Tile floors, Whirlpool Repairs, and More!

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Update your look with our resin based finishes which provide extra durability, stain and scratch resistance, easy to clean, and best of all no tear out


Chip repair, hole repair, warranty repair or change the whole look. Seal your tile on that surround and never be bothered with mildew again!


Make them look like stone.. Its hard to tell the difference

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We are the ONLY company certified with the major manufacturers in the Reno/Sparks area! Kohler, American Standard, Aquaglass, Jacuzzi, M.T.I, Bain Ultra, Aquatic, Florestone ,and many more. They trust us so can you.

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Benefits to refinishing…

Some of the benefits to tub, sink and shower refinishing are…
*Increase Bathtub Longevity – Add 10-15 years of use to your tub or shower
*┬áMinimal Disruption – Refinishing usually takes only […]

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