Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is involved in doing a Custom Refinish?

A. The first step is that we will move all appliances around/on top of the counter tops or the product that we are refinishing. Then surface is cleaned off of all contaminants and debris. We then tape and cover all the products that are not being refinished (like faucets & fixtures). if there are small cracks in the grout, tile, tub, sink it will be patched if need. An epoxy primer is then applied followed by the finish coat.

Q. What kind of surfaces can be renewed with the Custom Refinish process?

A. Any hard surface such as counter-tops, tile, sinks, bathtubs, Cabinets, shower pans & stalls or similar.

Q. What are my choices of Custom Refinish colors?

A. Colors: Nearly all of the Sherwin William’s color chart, and we have our standard colors are Pure White, Almond, Bone, Biscuit, and Black.

Q. How long does the Custom Refinish process take?

A. A simple sink or tub might take only 2-4 hours, whereas a whole kitchen and bath may take up to 1 to 3 days.

Q. What special material is used to do a Custom Refinish?

A. The surface treated with a special aliphatic acrylic urethane that cures into a very hard and durable material.

Q. Is there any waiting time before a new Custom Refinish surface is ready for normal use?

A. Yes, you should wait 24 hours before placing anything on the surface. We recommend that anything that is over 20 lbs to be put back on the counters after 72 hours.

Q. How easily could a Custom Refinish be chipped or scratched?

A. The finish can chip if heavy objects are dropped onto the finished surface. But, it will not chip with everyday use.

Q.  What can I use to clean the Custom Refinished surface with?

A. Soap and water work just fine. We also have our very own cleaner that is 100% organic. Abrasive cleaners can scratch the surface and should never be used.

Q. How long does a Custom Refinish last, and how durable is it?

A. Your Custom Refinish is extremely durable and will last for the next 10 to 15 years. It will not fade, yellow, crack, peel or blister under normal use. It can, however, be damaged or defaced by falling objects or incur deep surface scratches with metal objects.

Q. Can I set hot pans on a Custom Refinish?

A. Although it is heat resistant, It is not recommended that hot pans be directly set onto the new Custom Refinished surface as it could cause yellowing of the surface. Yellowing can still accrue even though the new surface is fully cured.