About US

A Custom Refinish is a small home based business located in the Reno- Sparks Area.

We are licensed in the State of Nevada, Washoe County, Reno, Sparks and fully insured .


Timot20140216_145508hy Kooy Owner: Service Tech: Timothy Kooy has a wonderful reputation for excellence in color matching and repairs, he loves a challenge and looks forward to making your home look its best. With over 1000 refinishing jobs in tub repair, counter-tops, sinks, and showers no one is better at refinishing than him.


vvVerna Kooy the Owner: Verna has been in the customer service industry for 23 years and loves to help people realize the beauty of their homes potential.In the world of refinishing she will be there to guide you through making your home look its best. Whether its your counter, shower, tile floor or sink its going to look amazing.



We look forward to helping you get exactly the look you want and thank you for your business.