Benefits to Refinshing

Some of the benefits to tub, sink and shower refinishing are…

  • Increase Bathtub Longevity – Add 10-15 years of use to your tub or shower
  • Minimal Disruption – Refinishing usually takes only 2 – 5 hours vs. long bathtub renovation time
  • Less Downtime – Newly refinished bathtub, Shower or Sink is ready to use after only 24 hours
  • Written Warranty – We have a limited 5 year warranty

Some of the added benefits to counter top refinishing include..

  • Tile grout surfaces permanently Sealed
  • Laminate repairable and a lot more durable with our stone guard resin.
  • All those little cracks and blemishes in your Cultured Marble are all gone, Looks like new again with a drop in sink.

Some other benefits ..

  • Cabinets look new
  • Cabinets are extra durable with no more water damage or wear to the finish
  • Cabinets are fully customizable
  • Updated Modern Look

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